Control globe valves

Our valves are used in almost all the mediums (liquid and gas) for process and power units.


We’re qualified enough to create valves for different temperatures and pressures.

Any valve control type: manual, with electric actuators, with pneumatic actuators, etc.

Valve body can be casted or forged.


Our team has skills set and experience to create different types of plungers (the “heart” of a control valve) with line, equal percentage or any other characteristics:

·      Cone plunger;

·      Plunger in the form of a perforated cylinder; 

·      Several perforated cylinders for high pressure falls;

·      Radial nozzles (Flowserve GESTRA analogue, and also CCI DRAG и KOSO Vector labyrinth type plungers);

·      Multi-level plunger with axial flow for dirty mediums (Masoneilan LincolnLog and Fisher NotchFlo analogues).